A123 Systems

A123 Systems is a global leader in providing complete energy storage solutions through advanced battery cells and systems for transportation and commercial applications. Offering high power, excellent safety and outstanding life, A123 products deliver superior performance, reliability and cost savings from concept through commercialization.


Berenberg was established in 1590 and today is one of Europe’s leading privately owned banks, focusing on four operating divisions: Private Banking, Investment Banking, Asset Management and Corporate Banking, with 1,330 staff working out of 19 offices across Europe and North America. The Equities division settled in London five years ago and has grown to almost 90 analysts covering up to 600 stocks at time of going to press. The company’s top-rated research is brought to the market by 53 salespeople in eight locations, covering institutional clients in 14 countries. Berenberg’s corporate access programme currently consists of three flagship conferences (in New York, Munich and Ascot), up to 17 sectoral and thematic conferences and over 500 roadshows per year in Europe and North America. They actively cover and interact with over 800 mainly European listed companies, and expanded into US coverage in 2016. The combination of independent research, analysts constantly on the road and a large, experienced sales force means Berenberg has a strong grip on live interest, allowing the Corporate Access team to provide thoughtful targeting and ensure conferences and roadshows are an effective use of corporate time.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co.

CATL possesses R&D and manufacturing capabilities for power and energy storage battery, as well as core technologies for the whole industrial chain of materials, battery cells, battery system and battery recycling.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls Power Solutions is the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive batteries, supplying approximately 140 million every year to auto makers and aftermarket retailers. Its full range of lead-acid and lithium-ion battery technology powers nearly every type of vehicle for customers, including conventional, start-stop, advanced start-stop, micro hybrid, hybrid and electric. Johnson Controls’ recycling system has helped make automotive batteries the most recycled consumer product in the world. Globally, 15,000 employees develop, manufacture, distribute and recycle batteries at more than 50 locations. 

Paraclete Energy
Paraclete Energy’s economically viable products will enable battery manufacturers to integrate high-capacity, non-exotic Li-ion active additives into their existing manufacturing processes, thereby increasing energy density up to 400% without sacrificing overall durability, while being both ecologically friendly and scalable.

Voltabox AG

Voltabox AG is a 100% subsidiary of the German Tier 1 to the automotive industry, Paragon AG. Paragon began to develop and produce high-performance Li-ion battery systems in 2011. The division was spun-off in 2014 to form Voltabox Germany and Voltabox of Texas Inc. In 2017 both companies were combined as Voltabox AG.