CATL Draws a Promising Resume From The Battery Show Europe

Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. (CATL), a global leader in lithium-ion power battery research & development and production, headquartered in China, is pleased to announce that The Battery Show Europe 2017 was successful for the company. The three-day event attracted thousands of leaders and executives from global automotive and battery companies to discuss what is driving demand and shaping cutting edge technologies. With an inspiring keynote, CTO Robert Galyen underpinned CATL's importance in the industry and strengthened the company's thought leadership position.

"With this new regional hub for the battery industry in Europe, we were able to showcase our commitment to actively shaping the future of our industry," said Robert Galyen. "Furthermore, it was great to connect with other thought leaders, customers and potential leads to foster our ambitious goals for the European market and to learn the specific needs of our local partners."

Thousands of attendees visited the booth and learned about CATL's key products, which include a 48V pack for mild hybrid powertrain, PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) battery system, Battery Management Systems, "EnerSpeedy" fast-charging products and "EnerMagic" large-capacity cell for commercial vehicles, Energy Storage System and its battery recycling technologies.

CATL not only showcased its latest product portfolio, but also served as a source of inspiration with Galyen's keynote in which he shared insights for optimizing capacity planning, in addition to presenting best practices for advanced production layout design and production process technologies. With its highly automated and intelligent battery manufacturing facilities, CATL was able to put out a battery system capacity of 6.8 GWh in 2016. By the end of 2020, the output capacity will heavily increase to 100 GWh/y.

Expansion plans base on strong R&D abilities

CATL's expansion plans for the European market are based on a strong R&D heritage. The company runs three R&D centers globally, currently employs more than 1,000 R&D researchers and invests more than five percent of its annual sales volume in research and development capabilities. One R&D center is located in Berlin, Germany. The opening of local marketing and sales facilities and the successful trade show presence in Sindelfingen mark the establishment of a European footprint for CATL.

"With our strong technological ability and offices in Berlin and Munich, we are able to deliver tailored solutions to our customers in Europe," said Robert Galyen. "Taking an active part in the local industry is a strategic part of our growth plan for the region."

Together with its customers and partners in the European automobile industry, such as BMW and PSA, the Chinese battery provider plans to take e-mobility to a new level.

See our exclusive interview with CATL CTO, Robert Gaylen below: