Time-To-Market - Friend or Foe? Manufacturer of Cycle Stable Nano Silicon Metal, Paraclete Energy Announces Rapid Prototyping Services for Next Generation Prelithiated High Capacity Li-ion Cells

Chelsea, MI, March 17, 2017– Time-to-market in any industry has become a critical competitive advantage. Industry players either learn to make time-to-market their friend or face the consequences. The auto industry previously experienced these consequences with the market entrance and painful penetration of Tesla’s electric vehicles and now the Li-ion battery industry is actively experiencing Tesla’s aptitude for being first to market with its Powerwall. Both the EV and the Li-ion battery industry must bring new compelling products to market quicker, else they invite loss of market share to this new breed of competitor.

Paraclete Energy’s Rapid Prototyping Services enables customers to expeditiously test and validate large format Li-ion batteries with their high capacity, high solids loading SM-Silicon™ metal and its SMSiliconPL™ which enables air and water stable prelithiation of the anode’s active material. Rapid High Precision Coulometry to accurately predict cell lifetime within weeks’ verses months is core to Paraclete’s Rapid Prototyping Services. Additionally, highly engineered binder, cathode, graphite, and electrolyte systems will be compared with the customer’s preferred off-the-shelf systems.

So how to proceed? Work with Paraclete Energy to use its Rapid Prototyping Services to enable what was thought impossible but now is with Paraclete’s cycle stable SM-Silicon™ metal and prelithiation SMSiliconPL™ products. Paraclete will design and build multiple proof-of-concept high capacity, cycle-stable cells to a customer’s specification and thereby enable what was previously thought impossible.

Paraclete Energy will be exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe at booth #203

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