Thermally Conductive Potting Compounds

Working closely with partners in the electronics industry, ACC Silicones has developed SILCOTHERM SE3000, the first in a new line of thermally conductive potting compounds offering improved processing times. This new compound is supplied in a simple 1:1 mix ratio that cures at ambient room temperature and can also be accelerated with heat.

Product Features:

  • Low viscosity with excellent flowability
  • Low volatility
  • Meets UL 94-V0
  • Moderately soft flexible rubbers when cured
  • Easy 1:1 mix ratios
  • Moderate to high thermal conductivity 1.17W/mK
  • High working temperature resistance +250°


  • Reduced risk of air pockets resulting in poor heat dissipation
  • Improved thermal performance
  • Reduced contamination from unwanted by-products
  • Compatible with very sensitive electronic components
  • Reduced thermal stress on components
  • Reduced processing time and machine wear

SILCOTHERMSE3000 is ideal for all potting applications within vehicle electronics, where thermal conductivity is required along with high temperature resistance. The combination of low volatile content and excellent flowability, something not usually found within thermally conductive compounds, will improve production times and product performance. These important flow characteristics can be seen by visiting the ACC Silicones website and viewing the online product video. 

ACC Silicones will be exhibiting at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Expo, 15-17 May 2018, at booth #567.