The Real Challenges of In-Line Control for Lithium Battery Electrodes 

By Dr Michel Popovic, IN-CORE Systèmes.

Li-ion batteries have drawn the industrial sector’s attention as a main power storage device. The materials subject to several conversions require specific control, within the substantial changes during the manufacturing process, to ensure the highest battery efficiency. 

Within the development of large-scale Li-ion battery production, in-line inspection contributes to keeping the production cost as low as possible, maximises waste reduction and makes yield as high as possible. 

Among diverse control techniques, inline continuous process monitoring based on optical inspection is the most comprehensive solution enabling the control of surface quality. 

With this solution, anomalies of manufactured electrodes such as coating defects (element positions, alignment, lamination, overlapping, registration of all coated features) impacting the element functionality are revealed and localised at very high resolution to be removed in the downstream process. 

Also offering huge flexibility, the inspection solution is essential for processes that constantly being modified to meet the latest standards. The key challenge is to be able to rapidly and accurately evaluate the quality of the battery elements and structure, and therefore to improve the reliability of the final product.

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