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We live in a fast paced ever changing world where technical advancement is taking place in leaps and bounds. Constantly new electronic components are being developed in response to meeting the precise demands of each innovation.

Electric and hybrid vehicles are particularly active markets within our industry as vehicle manufacturers strive to establish a name for themselves as the ‘go to’ place for the best electric drive. The UK’s government has established 2040 as the possible date by which all their drivers must be driving electric vehicles. Consumers are caught up in the race to understand what this means for them, what the best technology available is now and what twists and turns the future may hold for the best potential vehicles. Meanwhile, manufacturers look to engineers for lighter, smarter, more innovative electronic solutions to outperform competitors and current performance.

At Willow Technologies Limited we are electronic component specialists and see our role within the industry, primarily as focussing upon solving problems of customers, centred around the core technologies of switching, sensing and resistive devices. Our first-class team of professional qualified engineers and creative key individuals offer a high level of technical expertise and provide an in-depth knowledge base of products and applications.

We are able to grasp quickly what a client is looking to achieve and advise the right solution (as in the example below), imparting open and honest guidance, working with the customer to provide the most suitable electronic solution for their application, designing, manufacturing and supplying as required.

Willow practice integrity and fairness in all we do. We are an independent resource of product and knowledge, available as a key member of our partner’s operations from concept to delivery. We have continued to work with many of our suppliers and customers since the inception of Willow in 1989, indicating the value placed upon the role we perform.

Willow’s Engineers helped: Unique Relay Layout Eliminated Dangerous Switching

Willow Technologies It was problem solving on behalf of a Fork Lift Truck manufacturer that led Willow’s Durakool Team to their extremely clever design of the innovative DC switching DG55M mini-ISO style relay with built in safety layout.

DG55Ms’ unique terminal footprint, ensured that when a standard relay was inadvertently plugged in to the HVDC Mini-ISO socket no dangerous switching of the HVDC load occurred in the Electric Power Steering circuit.

The advanced magnetic arc quenching technology used in the Durakool DG55M, enabled switching of 80VDC/20A, whilst providing a life expectancy in excess of 100,000 operations.

The special design of the Durakool DG55M allowed this innovative relay to be fitted alongside the other relays in the Power Steering circuit.

The Durakool DG55M is now in volume production with a variety of coil options, including parallel diodes or resistors, together with or without a mounting bracket. PCB mounting versions can also be made to special order.

Willow provide innovative solutions, existing and bespoke, to all.  We pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy virtually every client’s need. Contact Willow’s Team of experienced engineers to discuss your application [email protected]

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