Department of Energy: Office of Vehicle Technology’s Next Generation Anodes Consortium Project Is Using One of Paraclete Energy’s Silicon Materials as a Baseline Material.

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March 8, 2018

Paraclete Energy (Chelsea, MI) is a domestic producer and supplier of various silicon products for lithium-ion battery applications.  Paraclete Energy’s silicon metal nanoparticle with a silicon oxide coating and a particle size of ~150 nm has been selected for the consortium, which consists of: Argonne National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  By working with Paraclete Energy, the consortium has a source of material where the process for producing the material is known and can be reproduced over multiple batches.  Having this process knowledge and consistent material provides a good baseline material to evaluate the performance of the nano-silicon particles in lithium-ion battery applications.

“This is a great honor and quite significant to have Paraclete’s silicon nanoparticles being selected by the Department of Energy for its National Laboratory Consortium’s Next Generation Anodes.  Furthermore, this honor is consistent with Paraclete Energy’s strategy for its high capacity, silicon-metal-based SM-Siliconproduct family becoming the industry standard for next-generation anodes,” said Paraclete Energy CEO Jeff Norris. “America’s national labs’ scientists and engineers are the top experts in the world. They have been more than helpful not only to Paraclete Energy but also by continuing the USA’s leadership in energy storage innovation. This National Lab Consortium will be publishing many credible studies that will include Paraclete Energy’s silicon, which will help the industry move the science closer to enabling both Next Generation Anodes and the role of high capacity silicon in accomplishing that objective.”



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Paraclete Energy, Inc., (Paraclete) is a production volume manufacturer of various high capacity silicon products to include its cycle stable Surface Modified nanoparticle silicon metal for the battery industry that is referred to as SM-Silicon. SM-Siliconcan be priced less than graphite at a $/kWh basis, is air stable and adheres to industry standard battery production processes. Paraclete can covalently bond nearly any organic or inorganic modifier to the nanoparticle silicon metal. This acts as an artificial SEI.  Paraclete’s SM-Silicon’s architecture enables stress elimination and acts to shield the nanoparticle silicon from the electrolyte. Thereby, continuous forming of SEI on newly created surfaces of the silicon brought on by the swelling and contraction during lithiation and de-lithiation is substantially reduced or eliminated.  Thus, Paraclete’s SM-Silicon combines the high capacity of silicon metal with high cycle stability. Paraclete is also able to adjust the conductivity as well as the amorphous versus the crystalline structure of its nanoparticle SM-Silicon. Unlike graphite’s capacity of ~350 mAh/g and silicon oxide’s capacity of ~1,550 mAh/g, Paraclete’s SM-Siliconmetal can reach 3,575 mAh/g. For more information, please visit

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 Paraclete Energy will be exhibiting at the Battery Show Europe 2018 at Stand 242.