ION Energy Emerges from Stealth Mode at The Battery Show Europe, Unveils Industry’sMost Advanced Portable Lithium-ion Battery

ION Energy, a cutting-edge energy storage company, officially exits stealth mode today with the launch of UDYR, the world’s most advanced portable lithium-ion battery. Founded by a team of PhDs with over 4 decades of experience in advanced electronics and battery systems, ION is building deep technology to optimize battery performance and life-extension for the new era of electric vehicles, energy storage, and connected devices.

Today ION is unveiling UDYR - An intelligent, modular, and portable 48V lithium-ion battery underlined by ION’s proprietary battery management system, software platform, and backend analytics. The battery is natively compatible with most electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers
allowing automotive OEMs globally to use UDYR as a drop-in solution and accelerate their speed to market. In addition to developing energy storage systems, ION will also license their proprietary and chemistry agnostic battery management systems and software applications to
other battery-manufacturers and OEMs. The company formally launches at The Battery Show Europe 2018 with growing list of key customers.
UDYR’s disruptive technology comes at a pivotal moment in the global energy transition. While the falling cost of lithium-ion batteries is accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and energy storage faster than previously thought possible (source Bloomberg New Energy Finance ), the rapid deployment of these batteries is creating new challenges. Total cost of ownership for many electric vehicles is quickly reaching cost parity with traditional combustion engine models, but only if the asset is properly managed. Excessive or improper charging can lead to fast degradation of the lithium-ion cells, resultinging in reduced vehicle range, fewer charge cycles, and even safety liabilities. ION Energy’s proprietary battery management system (BMS) showcased by UDYR enables enhanced performance and can increase
battery-life by up to 200%.

UDYR comes equipped with Bluetooth and CAN bus communication allowing for real-time, over the air (OTA) data relay to both the rider or asset-owner. This data can then be seamlessly integrated into ION’s suite of software applications for advanced battery analytics, warranty
tracking, and vehicle location. In combination, UDYR’s features give a preview into the future of smart charging, Vehicle-to-Grid technologies, and EV fleet management.

Earlier in 2018, ION Energy acquired Freemens SAS, an industry pioneer in battery management systems and integrated software capabilities. The France-based company has completed various projects since its founding in 2011, including customized versions of their signature battery management system for clients including AirBus Safran, CarWatt, and NTN SNR. With a solid presence in Europe, ION Energy will now expand manufacturing operations for their proprietary battery management systems to India to service the Asian market. A detailed benchmarking report on the company’s BMS capabilities can be found here .

“The human race is at a pivotal moment in regards to the future of energy and mobility. The stakes have never been higher, but the opportunities are incredible. I’m proud to be building ION into a company that will help lead us to a more sustainable and connected world. UDYR’s proprietary technology provides a small preview of what that battery-powered world will look like.”
- Akhil Aryan, CEO & Co-Founder, ION Energy

The People Behind ION
● Akhil Aryan, Co-Founder and CEO, of ION Energy. A serial entrepreneur, Aryan has been involved in the founding of companies at the intersection of technology and design across three continents. He most recently led all product and growth to 2 million users at Haptik, one of India’s largest AI companies.
● Alexandre Collet, Co-Founder and VP of Engineering, previously founded Freemens SAS, an industry leader in battery management systems, after researching groundbreaking inventions in power electronics architecture, Lithium-Ion cell aging factors and state identification at the University of Grenoble. .

ION Energy is backed by Shell, OMC Power, and Sattva Capital, as well as various other energy industry veterans and angel investors. The company expects to raise additional funding in 2018.

Ion Energy will be exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe 2018 at stand B570.