SLIDO: new interactive tool brings audience interactivity to new levels

2018’s conference saw us introducing Slido, a web-based-app allowing the audience to directly question our expert speakers. It resulted in a huge upturn in the number of questions submitted with a more insightful and politely provocative tone and which might not have been asked from a microphone! It was received overwhelmingly positively with 91%  of respondents agreeing that they found it ‘really useful’ and definitely want to see it again.

Below we reveal the results of just a few interesting questions asked at The Battery Show Europe Conference 2018.

Which type of car will win the electric car war?










Aside from safety, what is the highest priority in designing a battery system for transportation?

Wednesday Session 1










Whats the timeframe for the majority of cars to have full autonomy?

Wednesday Session 3












Which value chain section offers the highest potential for a European Dedication in the Lithium-Ion Battery market?