The smart battery innovation

Industrie-Partner newsletter 1 IP PowerSystems develops, designs and manufactures efficient solutions for the production of lithium-ion battery cells. At the trade fair they will present their innovative patent-pending system consisting of a pouch pack with ports and devices for sealing, filling and evacuating gas. This concept creates flexibly adaptable filling strategies for faster and homogeneous wetting and enables an environment-friendly cell production with lower investment and operating costs.

The basis for this new means of filling lithium-ion battery cells are closed filling plugs – so called ports – integrated into the seam of the pouch pack. The sealing machine executes the complete and hermetical sealing of the cell before electrolyte filling. Due to their novel technology no special dry/clean atmosphere for transporting, filling or degassing is needed afterwards.

Subsequently, the hermetically sealed, dry pouch cell can be conveyed to the filling machine under ambient atmosphere via a transfer station. The number and size of ports are adapted to the required cell size and electrolyte quantity. Accessibility into the cell is achieved by penetration of one or multiple ports using the dosing needle. During filling the cell remains permanently hermetically sealed. All penetrating needles are designed to draw vacuum, inject Industrie-Partner image 2 electrolyte or to suck up excessive electrolyte thereby guaranteeing that a wide range of filling strategies for enhanced and fast wetting is possible. The ports are sealed off by sealing clamp jaws after filling so that the cell is hermetically enclosed at any time.

After activation/formation the cells are transported into the degassing machine. This machine utilises port and dosing needle to extract the formation gas and to generate the desired vacuum inside the cell. This eliminates the need for conventional gas bags contaminated with electrolyte, which is expensive to dispose as hazardous waste.


IP PowerSystens GmbH will be exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe 2019 at Stand 924