ViscoTec as a competent partner in the field of e-mobility 

Whether bonding, encapsulating or sealing – the ViscoTec dosing systems offer a solution for every application in the field of e-mobility.

Quick, easy and cost-effective - these are the criteria that have to be met for dosing applications in general. Also in the field of e-mobility. Here, both users and dosing systems are often faced with the challenge of reliably and precisely dosing of highly viscous or abrasive materials. For materials with a high percentage of fillers, it is also important not to impair the material properties during the dosing process.

Viscotec e-mobility battery modulesThe ViscoTec dosing systems, based on the endless piston principle, are ideally suited for applications in e-mobility: Low to highly viscous 1- and 2-component materials, such as gap fillers, heat-conducting pastes or liquid seals, can be dosed with high precision and without changing the material properties. ViscoTec dosing systems are also used for potting, sealing and bonding applications.

Potting of battery modules

A typical but always challenging dosing application in the field of e-mobility is the encapsulation of battery modules or other electronic components such as electronics or connector housings. The 1- and 2-component casting compounds to be dosed are usually very highly viscous and often filled with solids. The encapsulation improves the service life of the electronic components and guarantees protection against environmental influences, e.g. moisture or dirt. In this application it is of enormous importance that no air is introduced into the material during dosing.

Bonding and sealing

Bonding and sealing applications are usually used in e-mobility for housing seals of battery packs and modules. The volumetric dosing technology, which has proven itself above all in sealing applications, is a safe, reliable, cost-effective and flexibly applicable technology. Furthermore, ViscoTec products convince through their flexible use of easy controllability and full cost and quality control.

ViscoTec as a competent partner in the field of e-mobility

In addition to the bonding, encapsulation and sealing applications in battery module production, which you can see in more detail in our video, ViscoTec is also available for other applications such as impregnation. ViscoTec products can be easily integrated into existing systems and adapted to your process. The endless piston technology enables the dosing of low to high viscosity materials up to 7,000,000 mPas and guarantees a continuous dosing process.

ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH will be exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe 2019 at Stand 892