Extinguishing with glass - Extover® extinguishing agent for lithium battery fires and metal fires

Extover® is an extinguishing agent for lithium batteries and metal fires - a serious threat in commercial and industrial operations. The increasing number of lithium batteries used in private households also requires new methods of risk prevention in this area.

Extover image 1 Where to use Extover®

Lithium cells offer high power density. However, they can catch fire while overcharging, deep discharging or damaging them. Extover® has been especially designed to extinguish these hard to control lithium battery fires. The material is also suited in preventive fire protection for the safe storage and transport of lithium batteries. This affects battery manufacturers, dealers, transportation companies and disposal companies.

The metalworking industry is struggling with the thread of metal fires, which are difficult to control. Dust and chips from light metal can catch fire during machining and burn at high temperatures. Extover® offers a safe way to extinguish these metal fires quickly, without causing damage from extinguishing water or corrosion from salts.

Extover image 2Use as extinguishing agent

Extover® is applied directly onto the fire, covering the complete fire source by a layer of 10-30 cm. Due to its low weight, even large quantities are easy to handle manually. The Extover® granulate surrounds the fire source and suffocates the fire within a short time. At particularly high temperatures, Extover® melts like glass. The granulate absorbs a lot of heat in the form of melting energy and is thus cooling the fire. When cooling down, an airtight seal is formed, which extinguishes the fire and prevents it from reflaming. Extover® was tested by the Technical Institute MPA Dresden on lithium battery fires as well as sodium and magnesium fires. All investigated fire objects were successfully extinguished.

Use as preventive fire protection for lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are hazardous goods. In certain circumstances they can catch fire without external influence. Incorrect handling and electrical stress can be potential causes for a battery fire, too. Various manufacturers offer special boxes for the storage and transport of lithium batteries. These containers are filled with Extover® in bulk or in cushions. The granulate meets the requirements of packing instruction P909 (ADR) for a non-combustible, non-conductive fire protection filling and may be used accordingly for these special containers. Extover® significantly improves the containers’ fire resistance.

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