Automating your Battery Production 

Balluff newsletter image 1We all know that the auto industry moving towards electrical drive technologies. This will have major impacts on the automotive production. Investments in combustion engine assembly lines are going to be reduced. Instead fully automated production of batteries and electrical motors will be installed in OEM and supplier plants. Fastly the supply chains will develop with established and new players. Therefore, it is important to strive for innovative and highly automated production and assembly lines.

As a long-time partner of the automotive industry, Balluff supports you to prepare your production for the future. In line with our claim "Innovating Automation" we are pacesetter for Balluff newsletter 2 modern technologies. With our industry expertise we are advancing automation in the battery production. Our intelligent sensors, identification and network solutions increase your productivity, minimize downtime and ensure high quality in all your battery production processes.

With Balluff RFID systems, your processes run safely and the battery cells and modules are traceable at all times. Process-relevant data can be modified on the object per remote and rewriting of the data carrier is guaranteed. The RFID technology works reliably even in case of dirt or wear.

Through a broad product range and various combination options of data carriers and read/write heads Balluff ensures a perfect solution according to your production requirements. Data carriers accompany the workpiece carriers through the production process and are suitable for special environmental conditions like high temperatures, metal enclosure and other harsh influences. Application-specific read/write heads from Balluff are simple to integrate. Their industrial design and rugged housing make them work properly in rough environments.

Balluff newsletter 2 Also industrial image processing is important for flexible manufacturing as it ensures product quality and supports efficient manufacturing processes. Our cameras identify and check workpieces for quality and position. Balluff vision systems stabilize the entire production process and with an early error detection the amount of strap batches is reduced and saves manufacturing costs.

We at Balluff provide you all tools needed for image processing: Vision sensors, hand scanners, cameras with integrated software, the matching lenses and lighting, along with the appropriate connectivity and networking technology.

Balluff GmbH will be exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe 2019 in Stand 1148