Popular expert-led webinar on electric vehicle safety solutions available for download

Our latest EV webinar, Developing ADAS Sensors for Improved Safety in Advanced Vehicles, proved extremely popular, with high engagement resulting in an interesting Q&A session.

The live Q&A covered a broad spectrum of issues and grey areas, with the panel being asked everything from how to leverage advancements in near-future technologies and how vulnerable autonomous systems are to electrical failures and hacking, to what cleaning systems are necessary – and how to implement them – to keep ADAS systems operational during vehicle usage. Listeners were keen to learn when to expect the first autonomous cars on the road, with Martin Kellner, senior associate at McKinsey Center for Future Mobility, discussing the challenges in scaling these vehicles to the mass global market.

Dr David A LaRue, senior technical specialist for functional safety and autonomous operation at FEV North America Inc, spoke on the differences between European and North American regulations regarding standards for validation of level ⅘ autonomous mobility.

Other questions pertained to expected challenges regarding ADAS sensors in the years ahead, the rapid emergence of different types of lidar systems and the likelihood that autonomous vehicles will be given their own zones in densely populated areas. Another question related to whether there is a special need for active cooling for ADAS systems, which sparked interesting comments on thermal management and related functional challenges in autonomous vehicles, particularly with regard to striking a balance between the thermal aspect and keeping costs down.

The webinar is available online. Download it now to hear direct from the experts on advanced driver assistance safety solutions.


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