Ultra-Fast EV Charging Given Boost

Leclanche logo Battery Show Europe exhibitor Leclanché SA (Yverdons-les-Bains, Switzerland), one of the world's leading fully vertically integrated battery energy storage solutions providers, has been selected as partner of choice for a groundbreaking UK-based project announced by The EV Network (EVN). EVN’s vision is to develop ultra-fast charging stations (150kW+) for electric cars across the UK. The network, which will follow the existing petrol station format, will offer car owners environmentally friendly, ultra-fast charging capabilities.

It is expected that the increased availability of fast charging stations will increase the rate of adoption of EVs. Access to charging stations and the speed at which cars can be charged are at the heart of the EVN model. Over the last 12 months, EVN has been securing prime locations across the UK and signing strategic partnerships with leading companies, including pre-eminent EV charging station operators such as ESB and Leclanché. EVN is planning to replicate this model outside the UK from 2019 and this is bound to be a talking point in Stuttgart at the co-located Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe.

Anil Srivastava, CEO of Leclanché, said, “Our partnership with the EV Network to deliver battery storage solutions across the UK is a significant step to help accelerate the UK's transition towards cleaner transport.

“Building on the announcement of this very exciting partnership with EVN, Leclanché is looking forward to making further announcements in due course regarding our expansion in the UK market as we continue to make important progress with UK-based strategic partners who are also extremely committed to the electrification of transport.”

Reza Shaybani, co-founder of EVN, said, “The existing EV charging infrastructure is not ready for the mass uptake of EVs that we are going to witness over the next 10 to 20 years. What we need to do is try to get as close as possible to the petrol station model that consumers have grown so accustomed to and replicate that for EV charging.

“As well as offering consumers a convenient place to charge their cars, the speed of charging will be the fastest available thanks to our exclusive partnership with key technology leaders including Leclanché. As part of our future plans we will also be establishing an EV charging Centre of Excellence in the UK, sharing our knowledge and expertise in the sector.”

EVN is developing the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the charging of all makes and models of EVs. Utilising power from 100% renewable sources, battery storage and smart technologies will enable it to charge EVs in the shortest-possible time, offering a truly green mobility solution.

Over a century of experience in making batteries – combined with its modern, automated production facility in Willstätt, Germany – enables Leclanché to design, develop and manufacture innovative high-quality, products. Renewable energies play an increasingly important role in the global energy supply, and through the company’s continuous investment in research, development and the latest production technologies it strives to be at the forefront of renewable energy storage solutions.

Leclanché recognises that energy transition is being driven primarily by changes in the management of our electricity networks and the electrification of transport, and these two end markets form the backbone of the company’s strategy and business model.

Leclanché SA will exhibit at The Battery Show Europe on Stand 582