The smart battery innovation 

ipThe conventional production process of lithium-ion pouch cells suffers from a number of disadvantages, e.g. high invest and operating costs and extensive disposal efforts through a gas bag. IP PowerSystems delivers more efficient solutions to overcome these unfavorable issues. So, for the first time electrolyte filling at ambient atmosphere without a dry room is possible.

Our patent-pending, innovative technology is based on closed fillings plugs – so called ports. The sealing machine integrates these ports within the seam of the pouch cell. Afterwards the cell is completely and hermetically closed for transfer under ambient atmosphere for the next step: the electrolyte filling process.

By penetration of one or multiple ports the dosing needles in the filling machine get access to the cell. All needles are designed to draw vacuum or inject electrolyte hereby guaranteeing that a wide range of filling strategies for enhanced and fast wetting is possible. During and after filling the system is hermetically closed at any time.

After activation the cells are transported to the degassing machine to extract the formation gas and to generate the desired vacuum inside the cell. This eliminates the need for conventional gas bags contaminated with electrolyte.

IP PowerSystems GmbH will be exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe 2019 at stand 924.