KRATZER AUTOMATION presents topnotch battery cycling and simulation System VES4-c 

KRATZER AUTOMATION, a leading expert for integrated test concepts, will present their latest Vehicle Energy System for battery simulation and battery tests – the new VES4-c - at The Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart, on May 7-9, 2019. 

kratzerE-mobility is a rapidly moving topic that requires highly professional testing solutions for batteries from cell up to pack level and powertrain components. The KRATZER AUTOMATION high precision battery cycling system VES4-c is perfectly adapted to test bench operation requirements; it comes with a very compact design and thus requires a very small installation space. It can significantly increase the efficiency in the test department.

The VES4-c has a very compact design (only 180cm) and thus requires a very small installation space. It has a highly efficient water cooling system, and is based on SiC (Silicium Carbid) technology. The Energy System has an outstanding measuring accuracy thanks to two measuring ranges. It offers high dynamics with current and voltage control, and a very low DC-voltage ripple. 

The main features of the VES4-c are: 

  • 250kW power
  • 1000V voltage 
  • 1000A current
  • Parallel operation capability for power increase
  • 0,03% precision for voltage and current
  • Integrated low voltage and current range for battery module testing 


For almost 40 years, KRATZER AUTOMATION has been supplying software solutions geared toward use in processes for the international automotive industry and the transportation sector in Europe. KRATZER AUTOMATION has more than 400 employees and maintains sites in Munich, Stuttgart, Kassel, and Wolfsburg. The company is active internationally through its own affiliates in China, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic.

In the test systems business segment, KRATZER AUTOMATION design and supply state of the art test systems for batteries, eDrives and inverters, but also for ICE, turbochargers, transmissions, and powertrains. The company focuses in particular on test systems for energy-saving, ecofriendly drive concepts, with special attention to the specific requirements that apply to hybrid or electric drives, battery and fuel cell technology in automotive R&D.

About The Battery Show Europe: 

Europe's largest trade fair for advanced battery technology 

The Battery Show Europe will feature 400+ manufacturers and service providers from across the entire battery supply chain with thousands of design, production and manufacturing solutions on display, including battery systems, materials, components, testing, and recycling. This free trade fair is an unrivalled opportunity to source the latest energy storage solutions, enabling you to reduce manufacturing costs and ensure optimum efficiency and performance of battery applications.

Running parallel to the trade fair is the three-track, expert-led conference, delivering insight into key business and technical challenges while framing the commercial opportunities currently facing facing battery manufacturers, automotive OEMs and their supplier. 

Europe’s fastest-growing industry event will be situated in a thriving centre for battery and H/EV opportunities in 2019. Stuttgart, home to the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, is the capital of Germany’s Baden-Württemberg state, a region known globally as the ‘birthplace of the car’ and a prominent force in the global automotive industry.

KRATZER AUTOMATION will be exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe 2019 at stand 1069.