XING Mobility to showcase Immersion Cooling Modular Battery Pack System

packXING Mobility, a leading provider of automotive-grade electric vehicle battery and powertrain systems for commercial and industrial vehicle applications, has announced a showcase of their revolutionary Immersion Cooled Modular Battery Pack System at The Battery Show, Europe 2019.

The system presents an innovative solution to thermal management challenges, submerging lithium-ion cells directly in non-conductive fluid to effectively and efficiently manage temperature during high charge and discharge rates. The immersion cooling method is a prime factor for achieving the battery’s exceptionally high power output, delivering a peak discharge rating of 2000 amps and a continuous rating of 1000 amps.

The fluid contains fire suppression properties, enabling XING Mobility’s battery pack to drastically improve the safety of lithium battery technology in electric vehicle (EV) applications and actively prevent thermal runaway. By achieving 100% direct cell-to-fluid contact and enabling superior cell temperature uniformity, the technology also addresses challenges of loss of power and charge, and shortened cycle life.

The battery pack is built from a unique micro-module which stacks to meet the diverse size and shape requirements of the user without the need for custom development. With the Lego-like building blocks allowing for fast deployment and scalability in both dedicated and converted EVs, the technology has already been used in special purpose boats, delivery trucks, construction equipment and recreational vehicles. With extensive configuration and reconfiguration possibilities, the technology is primed for manufacturers with a high-mix of vehicle models, or customers with large investments in existing fleets or tooling.

The system employs advanced sealing and interlocking technology to provide a rigid mechanical structure, is IP67 and IP68 rated and can survive up to 40G of shock. With ultra-low fluid loss and extremely resilient packaging forming a key design priority, the battery is also unique in its durability without requiring heavy or complex battery enclosures, ensuring the battery has a competitive overall energy density.       

Optimized as a plug-and-play system for fast deployment and ease of installation, the technology will be showcased in Stuttgart alongside fully-integrated safety and over-the-air monitoring components. As well as presenting fully compatible cooling systems, state-of-the-art electrical connectors and advanced power distribution technology, XING Mobility offer their products alongside complete propulsion and powertrain systems, including motors and transmissions.

XING Mobility will be exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe 2019 at stand 1157.