Introducing Lightning™ II  

For the first time Cambridge Technology, part of the Novanta Photonics Group, a leading company with a long history in galvanometer based beam steering technology, will be exhibiting at The Battery Show. Taking pride of place will be our Lightning™ II digital galvanometer scanning solution.

Lightning™ II represents the culmination of many decades’ experience in the beam steering industry. Built on a 24-bit digital architecture, offering class leading precision and accuracy, the system is extremely capable, flexible and integrated into numerous application domains. 

Lightning™ II complements the growth in advanced battery material processing systems, with a solution based on six core technologies discussed below.

 Predictive Control Architecture

State Space Servo

Unlike traditional galvanometric based control schemes, Lightning™ II incorporates a predictive control scheme. The system uses a mathematical model of the galvanometer to predict how it will perform over its entire operating range. This ensures Lightning™ II addresses the application requirements, rather than being restricted to a narrow band of control responses.


Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Drive

Lightning™ II’s Servo Driver uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to drive the Galvanometer.  This makes the driver more than 90% efficient, significantly reducing heat dissipation from the electronic servo driver board. This is important where the electronics are likely to be installed in an enclosed environment to protect from powder ingress.



GSB Bus is Cambridge Technology’s proprietary bi-directional 24 Bit bus serial bus. Operating at

24MHz, it updates all channels every 10.67us. Subject to appropriate agreements, Cambridge Technology’s application engineering team can support customers interfacing the bus into their own machine architecture. 


Scan Pack Control


skywriting using a continuous pre-planned trajectoryUnlike other implementations of skywriting, the entire trajectory is pre planned, thus optimizing performance and accuracy. Users can define parameters such as maximal radial error and break angle between vectors to help influence performance, resulting in trajectories similar to those shown here.

Constant Energy Density

Maintaining even power density is another critical element that contributes to attaining high quality material processing solutions. Scanpack can modulate power, frequency and pulse width of a laser. This ensures constant energy density even as the galvanometer’s dynamics change.  

Beryllium (Be) Mirrors

Lighting II Digital Galvanometer with Berryllium MirrorLighting™ II solutions use mirrors fabricated from Beryllium, a material that is four times lighter than steel and seven times stiffer. The resultant low inertia ensures superlative dynamic performance.

The Lightning™ II product supports all mirror coatings that are commonly used in laser based converting and processing machines including 10.6um (CO2)  and 1064nm (YAG). These coatings can support powers of up to 4KW (YAG) and 2.5KW (CO2) depending on the type of system defined.  Other coatings are available.

Encoder Position Detector

The encoder utilizes a proprietary arrangement of optical detectors and advanced signal processing electronics, resulting in an accurate, high resolution encoder. With 24 bit digital command and position signals available directly from the Galvo itself it is theoretically possible to command positions in steps of 0.02 micro radians. 


Lightning™ II – “A Platform to Build On”

Lightning™ II is available both in 2 or 3 axis configurations. A 2 axis system typically requires the addition of an F Theta Lens to provide field flattening, whereas 3 axis solutions are generally available as a modular designs. 

Cambridge Technology will be exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe 2019 at stand 1128.