New silicone free, one component, thermal cure-in-place material by Parker Chomerics

EVE19The Chomerics Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, will be launching a new single-component thermally conductive cure-in-place material at the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, Stand 631.  The Silicone free THERM-A-FORM CIP30-U material will be on display alongside the group’s portfolio of sealing, shielding and thermal management materials. 

Featuring thermal conductivity of 3.0W/m-K, the THERM-A-FORM CIP30-U is a single-component product which requires no mixing or on-site formulation by the user. Supplied in a ready-to-dispense form, it requires much less preparation time than traditional dual-component gels and eliminates the risk of operator error when mixing components. It contains no silicone and is RoHS-compliant.

Chomerics THERM-A-FORM cure in place thermally conductive materials provide a high-performance thermal interface between an electric vehicle’s (EV) or hybrid electric vehicle’s (HEV) lithium-ion traction battery modules and the battery enclosure. Chomerics thermal interface materials also provide a thermal interface for electronic control units and modules.

Unlike thermal pads and gap fillers, which are commonly used thermal interface materials, THERM-A-FORM and THERM-A-GAP gel may be applied by dispensing equipment, operating as part of an automotive system manufacturer’s automated production line. In addition, it conforms readily to the shape of a battery module without imposing mechanical strain on the battery assembly.

At the expo, Chomerics will also be displaying its CHOFORM 5575 single-component form-in-place EMI shielding gasket, which provides valuable anti-corrosion and high-temperature characteristics for use in automotive applications. CHOFORM 5575 features a quick-curing silicone resin with good flow properties, which means that it is easy to dispense on to small, complex part geometries in high-volume manufacturing settings. Its patented silver-plated aluminum filler technology provides exceptional galvanic corrosion resistance when mated to an aluminum substrate, making it ideal for use in aluminum castings.

The Parker Hannifin will also display Chomerics’ integrated solutions for handling EMI/RFI and protecting against environmental and thermal effects in automotive sub-systems including electronic control units. Visitors will also be able to see Chomerics’ PREMIER TM PBT-225, an electrically conductive plastic which is hydrolysis resistant and is used to provide metal-to-plastic conversion of electronics enclosures. 

Parker Hannifin will be exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe 2019 at stand 631.