“Wow it’s quite crowded, yesterday was an adrenaline fuelled day, I was so proud to be here, customers just attacked us, got so many questions it was amazing”
Marc Deyda, Global Business Development Battery Manufacturing, Siemens AG

“We know very well the Battery Show in the US & we were expecting a lot of people here, a lot of presence even in our booth and we can say we reached the goal, yes”
Roberto Vecchia, Area Manager & SOVEL Product Manager, Sovema S.p.A

“It’s been great, it’s actually very well attended. I’ve been to the American Battery Show 5 years and this is quite impressive for the first show in Europe”
Perry Kramer, Research Scientist, East-Penn Manufacturing  

“We’ve been to Detroit show for several years now and this is the first one in Europe so we came here very interested to see what is was like. It’s been really pleasing, the footfall here for us has been a lot higher on each day than we’ve experienced elsewhere so very, very good”
Daniel Swallow, Commercial Manager, Johnson Matthey Battery Systems

“It’s been hectic actually, very busy. I thought this would be three days of enjoying myself and it has been but it’s also an awful lot of talking!"
Paul Haney, Manager, Energy Storage, Advanced Propulsion Group 

“Experience of the show has been great. It’s the first time it’s been in Europe, first time it’s been in this venue so a little skip to go to begin with but actually the show has turned out absolutely great over the last three days.”
George Paterson, Customer Solutions and Programme Director, Dukosi

“I think the show has been very dynamic this year, they’ve had a lot of high quality visitors and it’s felt quite intense”
Graeme Purdy, CEO, Ilika

“We really enjoyed the quality of the conversations with both technical experts and decision makers.”
Uwe Hauck, Global Director Technology and Innovation Hybrid and Electric Mobility Solutions, TE Connectivity Germany GmbH

“We are kind of overwhelmed with how many people are here, it’s very knowledgeable people so it’s a big difference to standard exhibition, here are all the engineers and people from that market.”
Max Göldi, LF Market Manager Industry, HUBER+SUHNER

“It’s been interesting to see where the market is going, it is good to have competition. Everyone can show their excellence and you can see the innovation and entrepreneurship of technologists and engineers.”
Igal Klein, Technological Manager, TEPS, MINISTRY OF ECONOMY

“We have made at least 100 contacts, which is a huge amount. All in all, we are very happy about this show and are happy to join the next shows in Detroit and Hannover.”
Michael Knobloch, Director, Genius Technology

“The experience was great. Was a great exhibition, good contacts, interesting people, really focused on what they are looking for.”
Giangiacomo De Ambrosi, European Business Development Manager, Amphenol Sine Systems

“Very good, we’ve had great traffic here, overall it’s been a very good experience. We’re looking forward to next year!”
Craig N. Brunk, Director of Sales & Marketing, Bitrode Corporation

“It’s a great opportunity to network, to discover new applications, to create new alliances”
Bob Karwal, Sales Director, Prettl

“So we were really positively surprised about the amount of leads we had and definitely we will come next year again”

Christian Veit, Director Strategic Business Development & Marketing, Hongfa Europe GmbH

“A great experience, I mean the team was very nice, well organised, we have a lot of batch of technology, it was a pretty good show. I mean yes, there’s a good mood”
Yann Boëté, Engineering Leader, Volvo Powertrain

We’ve been exhibiting at The Battery Show in Michigan for the past 3 or 4 years, and we find that to be the most important show for exposing our foil and products to the market. And in attending this show this year, we’re finding that the results are very highly qualified too. We’re getting a lot of good prospects and leads from the show.

John Hart, Business Development Manager Power Technologies, Dexmet Corporation

We’ve had great traffic, lots of people, good footflow. It’s also been quality traffic, it’s good people to talk to.
Anna Robertson, Maccor Europe, and Mike Sandoval, V.P. Business Development, Maccor

“A couple of hours in and we’ve talked to a lot of people, a lot of quality leads, we’re definitely excited about the conversations that we’ve had so far”
Polly Crispin, Business Development, Electric Vehicles, LORD Corporation  

"We’ve been focused on mainly OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, starting with electrification for their vehicles, not just automotives, any kind of construction vehicles and off-road vehicles as well, and we’ve got everything we looked for."
Helmut Ollhaeser, Managing Director, Sevcon

"It’s perfect, there is really transparent discussion so it’s great, it’s a great event."
Christoph Weber, Head of Lithium Ion Battery Separators, Freudenberg Performance Materials SE & Co. KG

"It’s been a wonderful show, shows that there’s great enthusiasm, people are giving a great outpouring of emotion that this industry’s here for a long time to stay."
Robert Galyen, CTO, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, CATL

"I’ve attended the Battery Show for almost 5 if not 6 years and I think it’s a very unique concept that brings together many industry members and is always a good exhibition with many companies."
Shmuel De-Leon, CEO, Shmuel De-Leon Energy Ltd

"It’s the first German show and I’m quite surprised how much companies are here from all over the world, it’s really an international convention and this I like of course."
Martin Stephan, Chief Executive Officer, Rock Tech Lithium Inc.

“There’s so many people here, I didn’t expect that in the morning. I’m really happy with the show.”
Karlo Striegel, Market Manager Automotive, HUBER+SUHNER