Tech Preview

The Battery Show Europe will showcase the latest energy storage solutions for applications including EVs, utility storage and portable electronics, to name a few. You will also find suppliers from across the supply chain displaying raw materials and services, and geared towards better battery performance, safety and cost.
Here is just a taste of some of the cutting-edge technology that you will see on display at The Battery Show Europe

Daimler AG Reveal Developments in Powertrain Electrification and Battery Production

Leading vehicle producer Daimler will showcase its stationary battery storage systems, using innovative safe and durable lithium-ion technology, which the company has perfected. With the developments in powertrain electrification, energy storage has been a prominent feature of Daimler’s recent work. Its subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH is responsible for the development and international sales of branded stationary energy storage systems, which are designed for private households as well as for commercial and industrial use. Daimler’s lithium-ion technology underpins such systems.

Attendees to The Battery Show will be able to see Daimler’s latest offerings on home turf – the event is taking place in Sindelfingen, Germany, where the company’s largest plant is situated. “Because of the reorientation of the company and the whole automotive industry towards electric mobility and the activities in battery production of Daimler, it is a matter of course that we will be present at the show,” says Franz Nietfeld, senior manager of battery integration at Daimler. “We also use this platform to promote our newest intentions in the sector of energy storage and we are looking forward to a win-win situation by the exchange of knowledge with other experts.”

Learn more about Daimler’s work, products, and upcoming plans at stand 101.

Paraclete Energy Showcase High Loading SM-Silicon for Cycle-Stable Batteries

Paraclete Energy will be demonstrating how its SM-Silicon (Surface Modified Silicon) can boost batteries to more than three times the capacity of commercially available silicon oxide. The product has the capacity of silicon and the stability of graphite – as well a better price tag. Not only that, but SM-Silicon decreases electrolyte reactivity while increasing coulombic efficiency to that of graphite. This enables very high loadings of SM-Silicon while achieving best-in-class cycle stability.

Paraclete Energy works closely with its customers to design and produce high-loading, cycle-stable prototype batteries for electric vehicles and other energy-intensive applications. Current customers include graphite companies – who want to integrate SM-Silicon into their offerings – and users and manufacturers of batteries. The company’s silicon experts invite you to visit them at stand 203 to discover how you can offer your customers best-in-class solutions for energy-intensive applications.

Find out more about Paraclete Energy’s unique technology at stand 203

Li-ion Battery Giant Display Technologies for Mobile and Stationary Applications

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Limited (CATL) has grown rapidly in five years to become one of the top three lithium ion battery suppliers in the world. Visit the stand to learn more about how CATL design and manufacture advanced lithium-ion battery systems technologies for mobile and stationary applications. The team of manufacturing experts will guide you through its cells, modules, packs and systems, and how its solutions can be integrated into battery management systems to create high end products. 

These products include: 48V modules for Start/Stop, ESS, Telcom, Forklifts; xEV battery systems for automotive and truck PHEV, HEV, and BEV; Bus pack system for PHEV, HEV and BEV; ESS for all aspects of the electric grid; Fast charging capable with high durability. All of its solutions are focused on and intelligent systems, light-weighting and long life and CATL’s team will explain how its “golden rules” of safety, performance, life, cost and environmental impact informs the development of its state of the art automated manufacturing processes for high energy density systems. Attendees can also hear how CATL participates in worldwide standardization efforts and has become a world leader in research and development through its own Research Institute.

Visit CATL at stand 331 to find out more.

Sovema Showcase Technologies for Formation and Testing of Li-ion Cells

Sovema Group will present various types of batteries along with two pieces of equipment for formation and testing of lithium-ion cells. Learn more about its electrical energy storage solutions and products, including lead-acid manufacturing equipment, lithium-ion cell and module assembly solutions from pilot to fully automated plants, chargers for cell and battery formation, charging stations for industrial electrical vehicles, and laboratory testing equipment.

Find out from the team how Sovema can design and produce turn-key battery plants, and supply a complete range of automated systems for the entire production cycle, using an integrated technological approach. Hear about their state-of the-art technologies for lithium-ion cell and battery manufacturers through Solith, a division with experience in process automation design, winding and stacking systems, lamination, electrode punching, tab welding and pouch forming. Plus co-exhibitors, Bitrode Corporation, reveal their design and manufacture of battery test systems for all battery chemistries, including testing of individual cells, modules and packs for both manufacturing and laboratory facilities. 

Visit Sovema and Bitrode Corporation at stand 123

Superior Graphite Display the Formula BT ABG Series for Extended Battery Life Cycle

Materials firm Superior Graphite will showcase its performance-enhancing, high-purity expanded graphite additive for advanced valve-regulated and flooded lead-acid batteries. When added to the negative mix, the FormulaBT ABG Series doubles a battery’s cycle life by reducing sulfation under high-rate partial-state-of-charge (HRPSoC) conditions. The ABG Series can also significantly increase dynamic charge acceptance, while optimising battery life by minimising water consumption. The material’s performance-boosting capabilities make it perfect for a wide range of applications where the battery operates under HRPSoC, including micro/mild HEV, deep cycle, telecom, and e-bike applications.

Find out more from Superior Graphite at stand B140.

Thin-film Tekscan Sensors Displayed by CMV Hoven

CMV Hoven GmbH will present its thin-film Tekscan sensors, designed to aid the investigation of the pressure distribution and ratios of forces inside the battery stack. The measuring system can be placed between the pouches or hard cases of the stack to detect the constantly changing pressure distributions during charge and discharge cycles. The long-term measurements and real-time imprints from the Tekson sensors help engineers to optimize the assembly process and the stack assembly, as well as to analyse contact surfaces of heat sinks for heat transfer.

CMV will also be showcasing its EMEC (electromagnetic environmental compatibility) measurement system, which uses special probe configurations to detect high-frequency electromagnetic radiation produced when switching power converters used in E-Cars.

Visit CMV Hoven GmbH at stand B128.

Digatron Announce Laboratory System for Low-Cost Cycling Tests

Global engineering and manufacturing group, Digatron Power Electronics, presents its first laboratory test system with Silicon-Carbide technology, promising to reduce the additional expense of cooling and noise protection during cycling tests.

Digatron reinvented its regenerative RE Series battery test system from scratch for high-current tests of lead-acid batteries and advanced chemistries such as Lithium, NiCd, or NiMH up to 20V. Points of departure for the new system were customer demands with regard to energy efficiency; construction size; ergonomics; and power and dynamic envelope; as well as the latest semiconductor technology derived from military and aeronautics.

The new system comes as today’s battery capacities increase, leading to the need for them to be subjected to even more extensive performance and safety testing in specialised laboratories to ensure they are safe for use in industrial or automotive applications.

Meet Digatron Power Electronics at stand 230.

Scienlab Display EnergyStorageDiscover (ESD) For Cell Making & Measurement

Innovative test systems provider Scienlab Electronic Systems GmbH will showcase two of its ground-breaking products for use in the cell making process, from development to validation. Visitors can discover more about Scienlab’s first-class EnergyStorageDiscover (ESD) PC software, which offers cell manufacturers an intuitive and easy-to-learn operating system that can provide reproducible measurement results throughout the battery making process.

Scienlab will also be presenting its Battery Test System, which can be used for characterization, selection and optimization of cell chemistry and material in R&D, production and for quality assurance purposes. The ESD can be used for time synchronous control of all Scienlab’s Test Systems and test environment components.

Visit the team at Scienlab Electronic Systems – stand 324

Buhler Showcases Bead Mills for Li-ion Battery Cells Manufacture

Process engineering and materials company, Bühler AG, will offer visitors the opportunity to learn more about its Cenomic™ full-volume bead mill and the MicroMedia™ high-performance bead mill. Both of the mills are characterized by high-energy efficiency, ease of use and reliability in processing material solutions for the manufacture of lithium-ion battery cells, in particular the precursor formation and electrode slurry preparation.

For small and medium sized electrode slurry production Buhler uses the batch and quasi-continuous processes including FILMIX. However, for large production scale installations Bühler’s newly developed, energy efficient, fully continuous mixing process technology can reduce investment by up to 60%. The process is based on a twin-screw mixer that combines the basic operations of continuous raw material dosing, pre-mixing, kneading, fine-dispersing and degassing in a single device. Furthermore, the quality control expert system QuaLiBTM enables inline monitoring and control of the electrode slurry parameters.

Visit Bühler AG at stand 223 to find out more

Genius Technologie's Solutions for Safe Movement of Li-ion Batteries

Security system Genius Technologie GmbH, will showcase its PyroBubbles LIONGUARD safety system for the safe movement of damaged and dangerously reactive lithium-ion batteries (up to 400kg). Approved by Germany’s Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), LIONGUARD is a safe, economical, and standardised packaging method. The product consists of a special container with a pressure control valve and the PyroBubbles fire-retardant filling, which can contain a battery in thermal runaway. A separate inner packaging is no longer required within the scope of the current specifications. The absorption capacity of electrolyte has been examined and confirmed by BAM. During the event, Genius will be on hand to discuss its plans to develop containment vessels with a module net weight over 400kg. Genius’s references include Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Porsche, Bosch, European Commission, Vattenfall, University of Karlsruhe, and Hilt.

Find out more from Genius at s­tand B238.

Isabellenhutte Heusler Showcase High Dielectric Strength Measurement System

Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG will present its enhanced measurement system for traction battery systems and stationary energy storage devices from its IVT series. The IVT-S functional range includes the measurement of current and voltage, which means it meets the market needs of the battery storage sector. With a maximum dielectric strength of 1,000V, the system is designed to achieve dielectric strength that is as in line with the intended application as possible.

A key quality feature that distinguishes IVT-S from competing products is that its sensor’s dielectric strength corresponds to the application – an important consideration for fast-charging battery systems. The IVT-S uses a 16-bit AD converter to guarantee precise transformation of the voltage drop into digital signals, and transmits data through a CAN 2.0 interface. Through this module, the internally developed current-counting firmware is provided with information on charge and discharge volumes.

Visit Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG at stand B109.

Nordson Deutschland Present Adhesive and Sealant Dispensing Solutions

Visit Nordson Deutschland GmbH to hear how your company can improve production and resource efficiency using Nordson’s adhesive and sealant dispensing equipment. Regardless of the application challenge, Nordon’s experts will be on hand to discuss ways of developing solutions that can meet the needs of its automotive and battery manufacturing customers. Nordson will showcase a product line that includes metering units, controls, dispense valves, and bulk unloaders that can be configured to meet customers’ specific needs. Nordson’s dispensing solutions can meet the demands of the battery manufacturing and automotive industries, including eMobility, with efficient processes and technical innovations to ensure precise, speedy, and economical mass production.

Meet Nordson Deutschland GmbH at stand B111.